hilite oxygenators

medos offers a complete portfolio of high-performance oxygenators and reservoirs for neonates up to adults and for a wide range of indications.

  • hilite oxygenator with polypropylene fiber – microporous hollow fiber membrane
  • hilite system with adapted venous hardshell reservoir
  • hilite LT with polymethylpentene fiber – plasma-tight hollow fiber membranes

The hilite oxygenators are equipped with microporous hollow fiber membranes (polypropylene fiber) and are available in three sizes:

  • hilite 1000 for neonatal patients
  • hilite 2800 for pediatric patients
  • hilite 7000 for adult patients

Every member of the hilite product family is available in different configurations as a hilite system with adapted venous hardshell reservoir:

  • MVC 0730 venous hardshell reservoir for neonatal patients
  • MVC 1630 venous hardshell reservoir for pediatric patients
  • MVC 4030 venous hardshell reservoir for adult patients

hilite LT oxygenator

The hilite LT oxygenators are equipped with plasma-tight hollow fiber membranes (polymethylene fiber) that prevent plasma leakage during Extended use and are available in three sizes:

  • hilite 800 LT for neonatal patients
  • hilite 2400 LT for pediatric patients
  • hilite 7000 LT for adult patients

Excellent features ensure consistently high quality and performance:

  • Trusted hilite design – highest reliability and functionality
  • High-performance hollow-fiber membranes for consistently high performance
  • Unrestricted housing transparency provides constant visibility during the entire procedure
  • Efficient elimination of air via an integrated venous bubble trap
  • Hemocompatible coating options for different needs

hilite oxygenators

“In light of these preliminary results, it seems reasonable to continue using the medos hilite 800 LT membrane oxygenators, which have a lower priming volume, a better oxygenation and CO2 removal capacity at the membrane surface and a lower purchasing cost”

A pilot study comparing two polymethylpentene extracorporeal membrane oxygenators

Perfusion (2013)

“Pulsatile  flow  generated  significantly  higher  surplus hemodynamic energy  (SHE)  than non-pulsatile  flow  for both oxygenators under all flow rates ….During  pulsatile  flow,  the  HILITE  2400  LT reserved more SHE  than  the Quadrox-iD Pediatric oxygenator at all flow rates.”

Evaluation of two pediatric polymethylpentene membrane oxygenators with pulsatile and non-pulsatile perfusion

Feng Qiu, Sameer Khan, Jonathan Talor, Allan Kunselman, Akif Ündar

Perfusion (2011)

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