Tubing Sets

medos customized and standard tubing sets

Still drawing? Don‘t miss tubing set configuration!

The Xenios tubing set configurator guides you through
the process of creating your own individual Medos tubing

Medos customized tubing sets have been individually designed, so that all customer requirements, depending on application and need can be realized. Furthermore your tubing set can be refined by rheoparin or x.eed coating. We manufacture straight in accordance to your specifications.

  • Customized and standard tubing sets
  • Individually designed sets to meet customer’s needs
  • Choice of over 500 components
  • Hemocompatible coating options for different needs

medos support.set

medos standard ECMO set – faster, simpler, more efficient

  • Pump-driven priming in less than 2 minutes
  • deltastream DP3 pump head with 1/4and 3/8″ connectors
    • Trusted DP3 pump technology
    • Improved flow dynamics
    • Reduced priming volume
  • With the established medos rheoparin coating

medos mini.system: Miniaturized extracorporeal circulation systems

Minimized perfusion circuits have been developed with the aim of reducing the adverse reactions of standard extracorporeal circulation. With the mini.system concept, medos chose to take a different approach because we know from experience that:

  • Different users have differing requirements and objectives
  • Surgical teams have differing starting points and expectations

A safe and reliable perfusion

mini.systems are pre-connected circuits designed for simplicity and ready for priming. Mini.systems are designed for use with the deltastream system and the new generation diagonal s.pump.

  • Have proven themselves in years of clinical routine
  • Have been confirmed as reliable and safe in daily practice
  • Demonstrate clear benefits in terms of patient benefit, outcome and costs

X.EED COATING : is based on hemocompatible biomolecules which are proven to

  • “passivate” the foreign surface.1
  • have an inhibiting effect on the thrombocyte adhesion on foreign surfaces.1, 2

1 Salzman et al. 1969, J Biomed Mater Res 3: 69-81;
2 Ryu et al.1992, Asaio J 38: M644-648;

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