hilite product family

Medos offers a broad portfolio of oxygenators and reservoirs for neonates up to adults and for a wide range of indications. Please note that the oxygenators cannot be purchased individually, but only in combination with a patient kit.

Depending on the configuration of the patient kit, following components of the hilite product family are included:

hilite oxygenators at a glance

  • Trusted and realiable hilite design
  • Housing transparency provides visibility during the entire procedure
  • Hollow-fiber membranes for consistent performance
  • Effective elimination of air via integrated venous bubble trap
  • Hemocompatible coating options for different needs

hilite oxygenator

The hilite oxygenators are equipped with microporous hollow fiber membranes (polypropylene fiber) and are available in three sizes:

  • hilite 1000 for neonatal patients
  • hilite 2800 for pediatric patients
  • hilite 7000 for adult patients

hilite LT oxygenator

The hilite LT oxygenators are equipped with plasmatight hollow fiber membranes (polymethylpentene fiber) that prevent plasma leakage during extended use and are available in three sizes:

  • hilite 800 LT for neonatal patients
  • hilite 2400 LT for pediatric patients
  • hilite 7000 LT for adult patients

hilite system

The pre-assembled combinations of a hilite oxygenator and reservoir is defined as a hilite system. The hilite systems are available with venous hardshell and cardiotomy reservoir.