Tubing Sets

support.sets for infants, pediatrics and adults

You can choose the standardized extracorporeal tubing set for infants, pediatric and adults. The Rheoparin coating is an established heparin coating with a certfication for use of up to 6 hours.

medos mini.systems: Miniaturized extracorporeal circulation systems

Minimized perfusion circuits have been developed with the aim of reducing the adverse reactions of standard extracorporeal circulation. With the mini.system concept, Medos chose to take a different approach because we know from experience that:

  • Different users have differing requirements and objectives
  • Surgical teams have differing starting points and expectations

A reliable perfusion

mini.systems are pre-connected circuits designed for simplicity and ready for priming.

  • Have proven themselves in years of clinical routine
  • Have been confirmed as reliable in daily practice

x.eed coating

Heparin-free coating, based on hemocompatible biomolecules which are proven to

  • “passivate” the foreign surface.1
  • have an inhibiting effect on the thrombocyte adhesion on foreign surfaces.1, 2

Suitable for patients with heparin intolerance (e.g. HIT).

1 Salzman et al. 1969, J Biomed Mater Res 3: 69-81;
2 Ryu et al.1992, Asaio J 38: M644-648;