Novalung offers solutions for the treatment of acute and chronic lung failure with a complete product portfolio for extrapulmonary lung assist. From neonates to adults.



The Novalung product family enables therapies for lung failure that are adapted to specific indications.

Patient Kits

The Novalung and iLA activve patient kits offer expanded therapy options for a broad spectrum of patients and indications, certified for 29 days application period. The patient kits include a powerful membrane lung, the DP3 pump head and integrated pressure sensors (only available in Novalung kits).

The powerful Gas Exchanger in four different sizes and five different configurations are adapted to the patients’ needs – for the full range of extracorporeal respiratory support from effective CO2 removal to full oxygenation.

The DP3 pump technology with high hydraulic performance and reduced priming volume is available with 1/4” and 3/8” connectors for improved flow dynamics.


The world’s only pumpless extrapulmonary gas exchange system

The iLA Membrane Ventilator is an extrapulmonary ventilation system which is used primarily to remove carbon dioxide. The heart pumps blood through it as it does through a natural organ.

The iLA Membrane Ventilator “breathes” outside of the body for the patient and carries out some of the gas exchange work of the native lung.

Especially designed for longterm use, up to 29 days.


NovaPort cannulas are designed specially to meet the needs of extracorporeal lung and heart support circuits and perioperative perfusion in minimally invasive heart surgery.

NovaPort one
NovaPort one cannulas can be used for extracorporeal circulations for cardiac and pulmonary support as well as for perioperative perfusion for less invasive cardiac / aortic surgery.

NovaPort twin
NovaPort twin double lumen cannulas are specifically developed for venos-venous vascular Access. Double lumen cannulas are ideal for the mobilisation of the patients.