XENIOS Platform

XENIOS AG is a medical device company with the three brands, novalung, i-cor and medos, that run on a single XENIOS platform. This platform enables next-generation therapies for lung and heart failure. No other company except XENIOS AG is offering  lung and heart therapies on one single platform.


  • the unique platform for three applications combining ICU (novalung: iLA activve system platform), cath lab (i-cor: i-cor system) and OR (medos: deltastream system)
  • adapt the system to your needs
  • increased safety through integrated emergency functions


The Xenios console allows to transfer therapy data to Philips IntelliVue monitors.

  • Easy connection
  • More safety and control
  • Everything at a glance

It is directly feasible to transfer therapy data to an external monitoring system. Parameters such as blood flow, speed of the pump head, pressures, temperature and alarms of the console are transferred directly to the patient monitor.

“For us, the possibility to centrally monitor important parameters of the ECMO systems means additional safety for the patients and, at the same time, a reduced workload in the everyday life of the intensive care unit.” (Dr. Schroll, Regensburg)


  • Philips ICU Monitoring
  • IVOI
  • Connection to Philips monitor: Intellibridge EC10 module, module 865115 #A01
  • Connection to Xenios console: Connector EC5, module 865144 #104

Connection to Philips monitor:

  • Philips Support install driver
  • Philips Support build screen, from the Philips Monitoring standard library

Connection to PDMS:

Retrievable data protocol for a patient-related electronic documentation system

  • Connector RS 232 is fully open
  • Contact PDMS company to manage incoming data
  • All parameters are available

For further information, please contact your local Xenios AG representative.

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