Neonatal and pediatric ECMO with MiniLung petite kit

Fresenius Medical Care heart & lung launches patient kit, especially for neonatal and pediatric ECMO use.

Fresenius Medical Care’s heart & lung division Xenios AG introduced the MiniLung petite kit at ESICM LIVES congress this October. This patient kit was developed especially for neonatal and pediatric ECMO.   

Fresenius Medical Care’s heart & lung division Xenios AG is an expert in extracorporeal heart and lung support and is specialized in products for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). ECMO treatment can help save the lives of critically ill patients suffering from severe pulmonary and/or cardiopulmonary diseases. These diseases can even occur in newborns, infants, or children. To provide intensive care physicians with a treatment option for this diverse group of patients, Xenios has developed the MiniLung petite kit.

The MiniLung petite kit is indicated for neonates and children in whom the blood volume and the extracorporeal priming volume are equal (195 ml). It’s intended for respiratory and/or cardiopulmonary life support that provides assisted extracorporeal circulation and physiologic gas exchange of the blood. The MiniLung petite kit is compatible with the Xenios console and certified for up to 29 days of application period (CE 0123).

The MiniLung petite kit can be indicated for the treatment of patients with:
• severe respiratory failure
• lack of response to conventional mechanical ventilation or other forms of rescue therapy
• elevated ventilator pressures
• hypercapnic respiratory failure
• inadequate tissue oxygen delivery
• severe hypoxic respiratory failure with acute decompensation
• cardiac surgery and catheterization

The new MiniLung petite kit was firstly presented during ESICM LIVES congress in Paris. It is cleared for sale in the European Union and has been available since the end of October.

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