A significant step
in circulatory support

  • The vision is to bridge the gap between physiology and mechanical circulatory support.
  • Pulsatile circulatory support is based on physiology of the cardiovascular system and is ECG-triggered.

Please note: i-cor puls TC kits1 are only cleared and available for sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the moment.
1 i-cor puls TC kit, i-cor puls TC kit IPS and i-cor puls TC kit IPS Advanced

New technological options for direct cardiac support:

  • ECG-triggered pulsatility based on physiology


Synchronized Cardiac Support treatment combines myocardial protection and organ perfusion*

*Clinical trials to generate evidence for Synchronized Cardiac Support treatment are scheduled.

Determining the indication for the use of circulatory support systems and
selecting patients are the responsibility of the attending physician