…has been making German medical technology history since 1987, for the benefit of cardiac surgeons, perfusionists and patients. Whether aortic valve replacement or bypass surgery, almost all cardiac surgery procedures can be performed effectively using medos products.

Upon the acquisition of medos by XENIOS’ owners the medos blood pump technology allowed to create both iLA activve and i-cor synchronized cardiac assist for XENIOS’ state-of-the-art minimally invasive therapy portfolio.

Medos therapy_doctors with surgical mask

medos focuses on the continuous development of innovative therapy solutions for cardiac surgeons and perfusionists.

Medos products_membrane lung

Aortic heart valve or coronary diseases can all be treated effectively with individual medos products.

Medos therapy_doctors with surgical mask
Medos products_membrane lung

medos is your partner experienced in cardiopulmonary solutions with over 25 years of experience: Highly skilled employees and manufacturing “Made in Germany” in Stolberg and Radeberg ensure consistently high quality.

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