iLA activve Kits

Uncomplicated initiation of therapy and rapid exchange of the Membrane Ventilator kit if necessary.

There are 4 different sizes available:

  • iLA activve MiniLung petite Kit
  • iLA activve MiniLung Kit
  • iLA activve iLA Kit
  • iLA activve XLung Kit

With long-term approval for 29 days of use!
It’s all here – iLA activve Kits

  • Optimized blood tubing with integrated iLA activve pump head and Luer Lock ports for pressure sensors – preconnected to the Membrane Ventilator.
  • Additional accessories, including filling line, gas line, Christmas-tree connector and clamps.
  • iLA Membrane Ventilator- The world’s only pumpless extrapulmonary gas exchange system

Available cannulas

  • NovaPort one
  • NovaPort twin