Pumpless Treatments

iLA Membrane Ventilator – the only pump-free extrapulmonary gas exchange system in the world


  • The iLA Membrane Ventilator “breathes” on behalf of the patient outside the patient’s body and assists the native lung with some of the gas exchange work.
  • Arterio-venous vascular access, the gas exchange capacity is controlled via the sweepgas flow
  • Sufficient CO2 removal
  • Extremely low flow resistance
  • Application period up to 29 days


  • All clinical situations in which sufficient gas exchange, especially sufficient CO2 removal, cannot be achieved in spite of strict ventilation providing lung protection.
  • All clinical situations in which spontaneous breathing requires an additional effort from the patient, or where the breathing pump is about to fatigue.
  • For potential breathing support during ventilation weaning
diagram_pumpless treatments
Reliable effectiveness – efficient CO2 removal; iLA av Registry internal Novalung n= 600 patients
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