The established iLA activve kits have been developed according to the motto „SAFE, SIMPLE, FAST“. Novalung kits are oriented around patient’s safety. The Integrated Pressure Senors (IPS) enhance safety due to the elimination of pressure measurement lines.

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Integrated Pressure Sensors (IPS) elevate your patients’ safety to the next level.

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Priming of the preconfigured kit requires just one person.

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Pump-driven priming in only two minutes.


Available in two different sizes and three different configurations adapted to your patients’ needs:

  • Novalung MiniLung kit 1/4”
  • Novalung XLung kit

You can choose the compatible kit for children and adults. As funnel-shaped tubes are no longer needed to connect different tubing diameters, blood flow through the patient kit is more homogeneous with less turbulences. The x.ellence coating is a special multilayer coating which enables long-term use with a certfication for use of up to 29 days.


Uncomplicated initiation of therapy and rapid exchange of the Membrane Ventilator kit if necessary. There are four different sizes available:

  • iLA activve MiniLung petite kit
  • iLA activve MiniLung kit
  • iLA activve iLA kit
  • iLA activve XLung kit

With long-term approval for 29 days of use! It’s all here – iLA activve kits

  • Blood tubing with integrated iLA activve pump head and Luer Lock ports for pressure sensors – preconnected to the Membrane Ventilator.
  • Additional accessories, including filling line, gas line, Christmas-tree connector and clamps.
  • iLA Membrane Ventilator- The world’s only pumpless extrapulmonary gas exchange system


Combine lung and renal support with one vascular access – for a holistic patient treatment. Especially developed for long-term support.
Includes a powerful membrane lung, the DP3 pump head, safe integrated pressure sensors and a CRRT connector
3/8“ universal connector for cannulas

“The combination of ECMO and CRRT in a variety of methods appears to be a safe and effective technique that improves fluid balance and electrolyte disturbances.”

Chen H. et al., (2014) Combination of extracorporeal Membrane oxygenation and continous renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients: a systematic review; Critical Care 18:67: S.9


NovaPort one
NovaPort one cannulas can be used for extracorporeal circulations for cardiac and pulmonary support as well as for perioperative perfusion for less invasive cardiac / aortic surgery.

NovaPort twin
NovaPort twin double lumen cannulas are specifically developed for veno-venous vascular access. Double lumen cannulas are ideal for the mobilisation of the patients.