iLA MEMBRANE Ventilator

The world’s only pumpless extrapulmonary gas exchange system

The iLA Membrane Ventilator is an extrapulmonary ventilation system which is used primarily to remove carbon dioxide. The heart pumps blood through it as it does through a natural organ.

The iLA Membrane Ventilator “breathes” outside of the body for the patient and carries out some of the gas exchange work of the native lung.

The gas exchange takes place via a plasma-tight, heparin-coated diffusion membrane which is connected arteriovenously femorally by means of two Nova-Port one KI single lumen cannulas. This makes the iLA Membrane Ventilator the world’s only available pumpless extrapulmonary gas exchange system. It is an integral element of multimodal therapy concepts since years.1

The iLA Membrane Ventilator is designed specially for longterm use, and can be applied to the patient for up to 29 days.

  • Blood flow 0.5-4.5 l/min
  • One vascular access for iLA Membrane Ventilator and CRRT thanks to integrated CRRT connector
  • Reliable effectiveness – effective CO2 removal
  • High degree of biocompatibility thanks to heparin coating
  • Easy handling

1 Zimmermann M et al. Critical Care 2009;13:R10.