XENIOS AG, the technology and therapy leader in lung and heart assist becomes part of Fresenius Medical Care & Co. KGaA, Germany’s largest medical device company. – www.XENIOS-ag.com

XENIOS is driving innovation in minimally invasive lung and heart assist, and is first to offer a complete product range that runs on a common platform.

Fresenius Medical Care is a global market leader in dialysis, an extracorporeal medical procedure offering multiple analogies to lung support technologies. In the field of dialysis Fresenius Medical Care successfully forged the path from innovation to a globally leading company. This offers an outstanding prerequisite to be also successful in the field of extracorporeal lung support. Particularly in the field of acute renal replacement therapies Fresenius Medical Care is selling directly into intensive care medicine.

„XENIOS AG will continue to manufacture and market their lung and heart assist product portfolio “- says Dr. Böhm CoCEO of XENIOS AG. „Our strategy remains in place, and the processes and contacts remain unchanged.  XENIOS AG will continue to serve their customers with the clinical support team and information on XENIOS Campus to advance minimally invasive lung and heart assist therapies“.

XENIOS AG’s  Novalung product range for lung assist is a perfect match with renal dialysis. „This acquisition is a unique opportunity for Fresenius Medical Care to add to their acute renal replacement offerings. Fresenius Medical Care enables us to establish our innovative therapies worldwide, and together we will offer an unrivalled product range for organ assist“, says Dr. Georg Matheis, CoCEO of XENIOS AG.

The integration of the expertise from  XENIOS and Fresenius Medical Care is a sound basis to establish worldwide market leadership from renal to lung and heart assist.  XENIOS‘ ongoing R&D projects including a wearable artificial lung will be continued.

The closing of the transaction is now subject to approval by the cartel authorities.

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